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Meet Chris and Jason

Chris and Jason set out ten years ago to escape the suit and tie, because both of them want to live life on their terms. However, in the beginning, they didn't know where to start. They learned some simple, but very powerful rules in their path. These rules are shared in their book, Anti Suit Entrepreneur.


The Beginning for Chris Lopez & Jason Wells

Have you ever had that moment in your life where things became clear to you? That moment where you knew your life was going to change and it's all based on your choice.

These sections on Jason and Chris are actually excerpts from their book that shares what went their head the moment they decided that they both had to do something different. At these moments, Jason and Chris didn't know each other, but their paths would cross and their Anti Suit Entrepreneur life started.

The Moment When Things Changed for Chris...

"I want to drive off the bridge," Chris thought to himself while sitting in Washington D.C. commuter traffic. While sitting in bumper to bumper traffic inhaling exhaust fumes his mind wandered off into a hazy day dream about what his life would be like if he kept on his current path. None of the outcomes were appealing. In fact, some even made him shudder with despair. The traffic finally inching forward snapped him back to reality.

"I can’t imagine doing this for next 30 years of my life." Chris promised himself that his life would not just consist of commuting hours a day to a job he was so-so about. "There has to be more to life!"

The Moment When Things Changed for Jason...

Jason, in his seventh year of running his family's law firm, sat at his desk pondering his future. He was about to graduate law school, become a lawyer and deal with both running the law firm and taking cases to court.

He started agonizing over what the rest of his life would look like, "Every week will consist of fighting insurance adjustors, arguing with attorneys, tackling mountains of paperwork, and kissing judges's asses at 8AM. All while I wear a suit and tie, which feels like a noose around my neck. What the hell am I doing?"

What We Have Accomplished Since That Moment...

In a few years, Jason and Chris accomplished a lot.

We’ve started various businesses that have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue and millions of dollars in profits.

We’ve been successful at day trading in the stock market and in the FOREX markets.

We own my schedule. We live where we want. We wake up when we want. We pretty much do what we want, when we want.

We’ve helped other people with similar successes.

Our materials, ideas and websites have been copied, stolen and emulated over the years. Often times it’s been repackaged and sold or used by other people. We take it in stride and as a compliment. Besides, Karma is a bitch for those people.

We have earned everything listed. We both come from a middle class families. Neither on of us had a silver spoons in our mouths when we were born or sons of a celebrities, politicians or business magnates. If we can do all this, anyone can.