Table of Contents

What's In The Book?

What is living life on your terms mean to you? To authors, Chris Lopez and Jason Wells, it meant living their life as entrepreneurs and beyond that entrepreneurs that didn't have wear a suit and tie. To Chris and Jason, this was the last thing they wanted to do. What is important to you? You will discover that in this book, if you don't know at this point.

What is the new college degree? We don't want to give it away at this point, but we'll give you a hint... No college is involved in providing this "New" College Degree. You will learn what you need to learn to not just survive, but thrive in this "New Economy."

Bad financial choices are the biggest reason why people never get ahead. However, every personal finance book addresses this. There are many concepts in personal finance that are NEVER discussed. We will share those concepts in this book.

Having a strong cash flow is obvious to all of us. We need more money coming in than what is going out. Duh! It seems that every personal finance book states this obvious point. Diversified cash flow is what gets you ahead of the masses. This is a concept that many people miss — even people that are already retired or financially independent from someone else. Learn why this can be "risky."

Your biggest enemy in achieving living life on your own terms will be YOU. Yes, you. Many people put obstacles, excuses, and fears in front of achieving what they want. The biggest regrets of people when nearing the end of their life is not doing things they wanted to do because of obstacles, excuses, or fears.

Have you heard either by reading something or heard someone say that to get ahead in something, you need a mentor? Everyone makes this statement, but to us it has always been "vague," because the concept of learning from someone who has "done it" before makes perfect sense. However, there are so many unanswered questions in the mentor subject. How do you know when you have the right one? Why would they work with me? What's in it for them? We explain the type of mentors there are, the kind we found, and how it helped us achieve our goals.

We live in the day and age where you are labeled as "negative" by people if you even focus on what you don't want, are a bit realistic, ask valid, hard questions. But this unbridled, unfocused age of positively isn't authentic for the most part and can derail your goals.

What the heck does health have to do with living life on your terms? This is probably the biggest area that is never discussed by financially successful people. We can say that many financially successful people are the healthiest people we have ever met. In our opinion, very few people make the connection between health and success, but when you read the secrets we have learned about health and cash flow, it will be so obvious to you, you won't believe it.

How many hundreds, maybe even thousands for that matter of books are there on productivity? If you are like us, you have probably read at least one or two. Sometimes these books have such complicated systems in goal setting, getting tasks done, that you end up being unproductive trying to be more productive. Learn what goal setting really works and how to really be productive.

Rolodex? Do those even exist anyone? You might not even be old enough to know what a rolodex is. It's a dying object with computerized address books. What we mean by a rolodex is the amount of relationships you have built over years. Relationships lead to money. Period.

Who doesn't get more done working in communities or teams? There are a lot of factors in creating communities including how they can actually cause you to get less done if not organized correctly. One of the most important aspects in creating our Anti Suit Entrepreneur lifestyle is building strong communities, teams, and relationships.

This book is culmination of over ten years of learning a ton through trial and error. The difference between us and "the rest" is that we went out and tried things. If you aren't living life on your terms, then it's choices you have made. Now, it's time for you to take action and this chapter will be your road map to get these concepts implemented.