Invitation Code

What is an Invitation Code?

One of the big things we wanted to do is get the message out on this book through a "grass roots" movement. Although we will promote through normal book channels, we feel the best Anti Suit Entrepreneur community would be through a grass roots movement. Everyone has read a book, said "that's great stuff," and never implemented what they learned. We do not want that to happen. So many times you may hear about this book from someone. That will be your contact for an Invitation Code. The Invitation Code will connect you to that person as well as us.

The best messages have been spread by people like you and us and, therefore, we want to learn from those past lessons and let you build your own communities. The only way to do that is to insure that the people that you recommend the book to are connected to you.

If someone recommended the book to you, you should contact them to obtain an Invitation Code. Alternatively, if they are a part of the Anti Suit Entrepreneur community, they may have given you a bookmark and/or business card that has the Invitation Code.

If you found the book on your own without a recommendation, then contact our office at 775-298-5121 or by filling out our contact form and someone at the Anti Suit Entrepreneur office will assist you.

If you have an Invitation Code (or when you obtain one), you can enter it below: